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Learn to surf in Nicaragua


Many people ask, if it is hard to learn surfing as a beginner. On a scale of 1 to 10 it is most probably a 6 or a 7

It all depends on your physical abilites, your dedication and if you pick a good surf coach.

What is my Surf Level?


You have never surfed before or only a few times. But you probably have dreamed of becoming a surfer.


You can successfully paddle out on your own. You also catch "green waves" confidently (frontside & backside).


You can catch and ride smaller and bigger waves. You also understand when and how to perform snaps, cut-backs etc.

How do we teach surfing?

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Beginner Coaching

You have never surfed before or only tried a few times? No problem! The beaches around San Juan del Sur always offer some mellow spots for everyone that wants to start his surfing jorney.


For beginners we use soft-top longboards (see picture) and we start with the basics that give you a solid foundation.

After the introduction and dry coaching on the sand (practicing proper pop-up, correct posture etc.), your coach will lead you into the water. There you get to try to catch waves in the white wash (close to the shore).

You will learn:

  • the safety rules

  • how to paddle out

  • a proper pop-up

  • positioning on the board

  • the correct posture when riding the wave


Intermediate Coaching

Now it is time to get you out of the white wash and show you how to catch some ‘green waves‘ (catch waves before they break). This is the most dangerous part, because once you catch your first green wave you are gonna be hooked! ;-) 

You will learn:

  • how to optimize your paddling 

  • reading waves

  • proper positioning on the peak of the wave

  • catching green waves and riding them till the end (frontside & backside)

  • the ‘Surf Code’ (who has priority on the wave etc.)


Advanced Coaching

In this lesson you will learn how to perform the basic maneuvers (cut backs, snaps etc.). Timing is really important at this stage. This is why you will learn in which moment the performance of a certain maneuver is useful.

You will learn:

  • maneuvers such as cut-backs, floaters, snaps etc.

  • how to gain speed on a wave

  • fluidity and coordination

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