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Tribu Surf Coaches

Our surf coaches:

  • are experiencend and skilled surf coaches

  • speak fluent English


Together, we offer and teach you our love of surfing, the ocean and the wisdom and understanding of the breaks that only a local can have.

Our experience allows you to enjoy surfing in Nicaragua in a safe environment. 


Tribu Surf is 100% local. We guarantee you an authentic travel & surfing experience in Nicaragua.

The Story of Tribu Surf

Pedro (also known as "Pichiche") is the founder of Tribu Surf. As a young kid he was already fascinated by surfing. After practicing and practicing he realized that surfing, far from simply being a sport, is a lifestyle.

Little by little he gained experience and got the opportunity to start working as a surf coach. Tourism in Nicaragua kept growing and with time he started learning English and enjoyed the opportunity to meet and connect with new people from all over the world.  Finally he achieved the position of Head Surf Coach in a prestigious surf school.

After obtaining his ISA certification as a Surf Coach in England he returned to Nicaragua and founded Tribu Surf, a 100% local Nicaraguan surf school.



Founder of Tribu Surf Nicaragua

ISA certified Surf Coach

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