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Ready for a new adventure?

Join our surfing lessons in Nicaragua


Group Coaching

Learn surfing in a fun small group in our Group Surf Lessons. Cheer each other up! 


Individual Coaching

Speed up your surfing progress! In our Private Surf Coaching Sessions, we will focus on your needs.


Kids Coaching

We make sure our small students have lots of fun while learning a skill for a lifetime!


Beginner Surf Camps

Takin' it seriously? Learn how to catch your own waves & make fast progress in our Beginner Surf Camps.


Advanced Surf Camps

Not your first time surfing? In our Advanced Surf Camps we will work on different surfing maneuvers to make you rip like a pro!


Video & Foto Analysis

Video & foto analysis can be useful tools to look at the deatils and help you improve faster. Don´t forget to smile! ;-)

Join our next sunset session!

Beginner? Intermediate?

We tailor the ideal surf coaching program for you in Nicaragua!

  • most sufficient SURF SPOTS for your surfing level

  • surf lessons in small groups for faster progress

  • authentic Nicaraguan surfing experience with local coaches

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People say


"Best surf instruction I've ever had, anywhere. Pedro and his team will cater exactly to your level and take time to understand which specifics will help you to progress ..."

Billy M. on



Do I need to have prior surfing experience to take surf lessons?

No, for our beginner surf lessons there is no prior surfing experience needed.

How quickly can I expect to progress as a beginner?

As a beginner surfer, the rate at which you progress can vary depending on several factors, including your physical fitness, dedication and frequency of practice. However, we aim to get you standing on your surfboard by the end of your first lesson.

Where can I schedule my surf lessons?

You can schedule your surf lessons here:


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