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Surf Board Rentals

at our shop in San Juan del Sur

Looking to rent a surf board?

Tribu Surf offers surfboard rentals in San Juan del Sur in all kind of shapes & sizes:

  • longboards (soft top & hard top)

  • fun boards

  • short boards

  • surf boards for kids (soft top & hard top)

Rental Prices

Policies for Equipment Rental:

As a renter, you are responsible for the equipment you rent, based on established prices for the equipment being rented. Any damage incurred to the equipment during the rental period will incur repair costs. These costs include, but are not limited to:

  1. Perforations: Charges will apply based on the shaper's rate for repairing perforations.
  2. Broken Fins: If any fin is broken, the full set is chargeable for replacement.

  3. Board Breakage: In the event of complete or superficial board breakage that affects the integrity of the board's core, the renter is liable to pay the cost as established for the particular board model.

Please ensure that all rented equipment is handled with care and returned in the same condition as received to avoid additional charges. Thank you for your cooperation.

For more information or reservations, please message us or visit our shop in town! We are happy to help finding the right board for you!

surf board rentals San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
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