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Surfing in Nicaragua

Experience the vibe of the Niacarguan jungle and connect with nature surfing in the Pacific Ocean. Nicaragua offers 300+ days of offshore wind all year and premium waves - no matter your skill level!

Surfing almost all year long

Central America’s largest country, Nicaragua, offers a wealth of attractions yet remains largely unspoiled and off the beaten path - a big plus for travelers seeking adventures with an absence of tourist crowds.

Nicaragua has an enticing mix of Caribbean and Pacific beaches, remote cays, active volcanoes and colonial acities, and boasts one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. Lake Nicaragua.


Nicaragua offers the possibilities of practicing Surfing almost all year long. As one of the largest nations in Central America, many visitors travel to Nicaragua for the long and consistent surf season which runs nine months out of the year. The country is known for its solid S swells in both sandbar and rock reefs breaks. Unlike Costa Rica, another well-known surf destination, Nicaragua’s surf spots are primarily concentrated along the southwestern Pacific coastline in the Rivas region.



Moreover Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America, is located in the south-central region of Nicaragua. At 3,191 square miles, the lake generates consistent offshore winds that produce the reliable surf swells along the Pacific coastline.


The winds are known as “Papagayo” and it rarely change throughout the day, creating excellent surf conditions almost all day long. Not only does the Papagayo make it possible to surf from sunrise to sunset, it also produces smooth waves that "stand-up".

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